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Tierverwaltung Leistungsblatt

Geb.Dat12.05.2015VaterCOLTON-ET US 66738335.5SERENITY-ET US 117043381.0RasseJE
Date of birth 12.05.2015 Kappa-casein BB Beta-casein A2 A2A2 Breed JE
Blood-proportion Horn status
Genetic markers J1F J2F
Owner  Select Star SA, rte de Presinge 85, 1241 Puplinge
Conformation Beef classification -- aAa 234
S COLTON-ET US 66738335.5 D SERENITY-ET US 117043381.0 SD GILLER CA 10211160.3
General data
Births Registered animals Last insemination
16 12 27.05.2020
Trait Breeding value EBV Type A Publication: 07.04.2020
Date of publication 07.04.2020 Trait JE20
Genetic basis JE20 Number of Daughters
Total merit index Final score
Milk value 87 Frame
Fitness value Rump
Total merit index grazing Feet & legs 111 █████
EBV Label A Udder 112 █████
Reliability 26 Teats
Milk kg -395 Height at withers small high
Fat kg -26 Rump stature 110 small ████ high
Fat % -0.10 Body depth 105 short ██ large
Protein kg -18 Strength 98 narrow wide
Protein % -0.04 Back line weak roached
Rel. % persistency 8 Rump length short long
Persistency 92 Rump width 101 narrow wide
Herds Rump angle 94 high pins ███ slopy
Daughters Thurl position in the in front
Rel. % somatic cell score 28 Hock angle 101 posty sickled
SCS 82 Hock quality 112 thick █████ clean
Rel. % Mastitis res. Pasterns 106 weak ███ steep
Mastitis resistance Heel height shallow high
Fore udder length short large
Daughters milking speed
Fore udder attachment 113 weak ██████ strong
BV miling speed 99
Rear udder attachement narrow wide
Rel. % fertility
Rear udder attachement 106 deep ███ high
Udder depth 108 deep ████ high
Rel. % longevity
Udder depth uneven bulgy
Udder cleft 109 not visible ████ deep
Teat length 107 short ███ long
Direct live birth
Teat diameter fine thick
Direct calving ease
Teat direction pointing pointing
Maternal live birth
Fore teat placement 104 wide ██ close
Maternal calving ease
Rear teat placement 109 wide ████ close
Muscling 95 thin ██ thick
null frequency in % , deviation from mean of population
Extra teats living
Rel. % Beef index
Extra teats blind
Beef index
Carcass weight calves
Fat cover calves
Fleshiness calves
Carcass weight steer
Fat cover steer
Fleshiness steer