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Performance sheet

SIGNAL DE 801090237.7
Date of birth10.05.1972FatherSIEBER DE 801038578.1LYDIA DE 801019072.9BreedBV
Date of birth 10.05.1972 Kappa-casein Beta-casein A2 Breed BV
Blood-proportion BV 87.5% BS 12.5% Horn status
Genetic markers
Conformation Beef classification aAa
S SIEBER DE 801038578.1 D LYDIA DE 801019072.9 SD MODEL DE 803611503.4
General data
Births Registered animals Last insemination
1 0
Trait Breeding value EBV Type Publication: 07.04.2020
Date of publication 07.04.2020 Trait
Genetic basis BS20 Number of Daughters
Total merit index Final score
Milk value 74 Frame
Fitness value Rump
Total merit index grazing Feet & legs
EBV Label A Udder
Reliability 5 Teats
Milk kg -996 Height at withers small high
Fat kg -43 Rump stature small high
Fat % -0.04 Body depth short large
Protein kg -30 Strength narrow wide
Protein % 0.08 Back line weak roached
Rel. % persistency 0 Rump length short long
Persistency 104 Rump width narrow wide
Herds Rump angle high pins slopy
Daughters Thurl position in the in front
Rel. % somatic cell score 0 Hock angle posty sickled
SCS 94 Hock quality thick clean
Rel. % Mastitis res. Pasterns weak steep
Mastitis resistance Heel height shallow high
Fore udder length short large
Daughters milking speed
Fore udder attachment weak strong
BV miling speed
Rear udder attachement narrow wide
Rel. % fertility 0
Rear udder attachement deep high
Fertility 100
Udder depth deep high
Rel. % longevity
Udder depth uneven bulgy
Udder cleft not visible deep
Teat length short long
Direct live birth
Teat diameter fine thick
Direct calving ease
Teat direction pointing pointing
Maternal live birth
Fore teat placement wide close
Maternal calving ease
Rear teat placement wide close
Muscling thin thick
null frequency in % , deviation from mean of population
Extra teats living
Rel. % Beef index 5
Extra teats blind
Beef index 112
Carcass weight calves 92
Fat cover calves 104
Fleshiness calves 117
Carcass weight steer 94
Fat cover steer 106
Fleshiness steer 120